Mister Gay Belgium is 2nd Runner up Mister gay World

Raf Van Puymbroeck, Mister Gay Belgium and Mister Gay Europe, became 2nd Runner Up At the Mister Gay World 2017 election in Spain, Gran Canaria. We had an interview with him about his experiences.

Raf, congratulations with your 2nd place on the Mister Gay World election. How was the experience?

It was one of the greatest things i have ever did in my life. 6 days long i met a lot of great people, we did some great things and we had some great moments together. The final show was unforgettable with more than 1000 people at the Jumbo center at Gran Canaria.

You were together with 19 other delegates. how were the other guys?

The most of the guys were just great, some were very competitive, but not bitchy. Some spoke english, others only spanish. The group was a little bit divided, but it was a great group.

Why you think they chose you as 2nd runner-up?

I think my campaign and my vision of the LGBT community was better than some others. I did some things in my year as mister and i think that was the fact why i get those scores. I also know how to do interviews and i speak english. I suppose those were the reasons why they choose me.

What you have to do as 2nd runner-up?

I have already been asked to be on the World Pride in Madrid and be the judge in the Czech Final of Mister Gay. I think when the Mister World, the candidate of the Philippines, and the 1st runner-up from Spain not can go somewhere, i have to take their place.

Who were your favorite guys and will u still have contact with them?

My favorite guys were South Africa, New Zealand, Austria and Australia. We have a group chat and we talk each other almost every day.

And now a naughty question: was there 1 guy u found hot and if he was in Belgium you would try something?

There were a lot of cute guys, but for me the most cutest guy was South Africa.

Why you think they choose the candidate from the Philippines as Mister Gay World? Was it a correct decision?

I thought he would end up high, but i did not think he would win. I expected him in the Top 3, but thought that Mister South Africa would score good too. My top 3 was Philippines, South Africa and Spain.



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