Torremolinos, the gayspot of Malaga!

Ask a gay guy to mention a beach place in Spain to party.. and they will probably say: Playa Del Ingles at Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria with his gay beach, Yumbo Centre, parties and hot guys… Last year I discovered Torremolinos. And I was surprised about the huge gay life over there. So, could it be a substitute for Gran Canaria? Let’s find out.

Take a plane to the beautiful city of Malaga, then take the metro and 1 hour later you lie to the hotel’s swimming pool. But what are the pros and the contras of this beach city?

The staying and eating

Torremolinos is famous for his huge hotels on the beach, but you can also find smaller staying’s. If you like to stay among gay guys, we can give you 2 options: Hotel Rituals and Hostal Guadalupe. Both places are close to the beach and the party locations.

Like Playa Del Ingles, you can find many fast-food restaurants, but Torremolinos and Malaga have great restaurants where you can eat Spanish food for reasonable prices. Also try the restaurant of Hostal Guadalupe. You can have there a 3-course meal with a drink for a great price… and it’s delicious.

The beach

Torremolinos has 2 gay beaches and between them Eden beach bar with a nice terrace. On the boulevard you have a fancy place: El Gato lounge. But…the beach is less party minded then the one on Playa del Ingles: a bar, chairs and a beach… and no dunes for cruising. But beaches, chairs and time to enjoy the nice men and the good weather.

The bars, saunas and discos

Playa Del Ingles has Yumbo center, Torremolinos La Nogalera. A big place with many bars, discos, restaurants, shops and a sauna. The most bars are modern and many have cruising areas. So start your evening at NA with a cocktail and then visit the happy hour of Free Eagle. That last bar has a free entrance and is a great place for fetish people. Then visit bars like Men’s bar, Vida, Eden Copas and the best gay cocktail bar: La Bohemia.

The most bars and discos have cruising places, but you can also visit one of the many sex- and fetish clubs or one of the three gay saunas in the city (some of them have a lot of cute rent boys). Surely visit Querell, The Factory, Apolo sauna and sauna Atlas.

The discos start late. Aqua club has a nice bar with terrace and the disco (with cruising) is almost every day open. But on Saturday everyone visits Centuryon! It’s a big disco, very beautiful and great music… but watch out! They not have a drug policy (when I was there, many people used openly drugs) and when you order alcohol with a soda, check your glass. They mix them often with water!

The pros and contras

Why you should go to Torremolinos and why to Playa del Ingles?

Torremolinos has a huge and modern gay life, 2 beaches, nice restaurants, cheap drinks and you are close to many cultural cities like Malaga or Granada. But the weather is seasonal, and younger guys will visit the place in the weekend.

For the good weather you have to visit Playa Del ingles. You can visit it the whole year around. Also the gay life is very vibrant and the gay beach is more party minded. But.. the bars are older, there are no cultural cities and the flights are more expensive.

Delice Dreams

A good way to try this place is by visiting Delice Dreams. For the 8th edition, they choose for Torremolinos and the Ritual Hotel. More than 600 gays will party from the 28th of April till the 6th of May. 15 events are waiting for you with club parties, beach parties and much more. Visit their website for more information:




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