The 5 golden tips for visiting Mexico City

For the last 20 years, I’ve visited Mexico City several times. It’s a vibrant city with nice people, culture and good food. But it’s big and some people want to leave it as soon as possible. My suggestion, stay a few days and embrace the city. I like to give you 5 golden tips if u decide to go alone to this city.

  • Learn a basic of Spanish

The majority of the people in Mexico City (and other cities) do not speak proper English, even the young crowd. So when u decide to visit the city alone or with friends, try to speak a basic Spanish language. I see many times the frustration of tourists who try to explain something in English and not get what they want. And believe me, u not want to get in a situation where u need help and no one understands you.

  • Buy a data card for your smartphone

For a few years, Mexico City invests in Wi-Fi on the street, but it’s not everywhere. Some bars and restaurants also do not have Wi-Fi. So buy a data card. U just pay 5 euro for 3 GB internet, and a little more for unlimited. You find shops everywhere. It’s even a bit of good advice to have a 2nd phone. There are still pickpockets in the city. If u want to use GPS when u walk in the city, u can download ‘MAPS’. It’s an offline GPS of every city in the world and I loved to use it.

  • Try some street food

You find many street food places in the city: tacos, fresh orange juices,… Some people warn you about that, but I try them already for several years. Every morning a fresh orange juice and some tacos for a cheap price. Just take the places where u find a lot of Mexicans. They only take safe places.

  • Use the subway

For me, the subway of Mexico City is one of the best in the world: it’s easy to understand, cheap, correct, and fast. But, watch out for pickpockets. They also have metro busses. The system gets better by the years, so u can try them too… or just walk. It’s a great city for long walks and every Sunday the cyclists and walkers take a part of the city. It’s so nice to see!

  • Make a visit to the ‘National Museum for Anthropology’ on the end of your trip

You can’t leave Mexico without seeing that museum. It gives the history of the country and the different states. But make a visit at the end of your trip to Mexico. U will understand more when u have visited other parts of Mexico. And then, for sure u will stay for hours in the museum.

And a final tip: enjoy the city, the food, the culture, and his nightlife…

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