My Thanksgiving at Hard Rock Café Antwerp.

An invitation to celebrate Thanksgiving at Hard Rock Café. Of course, I would love to enjoy the dinner. A night of good food, nice drinks, and good music.

Hard Rock Café Antwerp in the Centre of the city is known for his food and cocktails, so I loved to try it. But first I liked to take a nice tour of all the things that hang on the wall. Rock elements with the theme ‘Diamonds’. It’s worth to take some time to take a closer look. The staff is happy to give you more info.

We loved to try the cocktails because people told us they are the best in town. So we ordered one and we got two… thanks to the Happy hour! Oh yes, they were delicious.

On the table they offered us the special Thanksgiving menu: as appetizer ‘Corn Chowder’, the main course was ‘Turkey served with golden mashed potatoes and gravy, traditional stuffing, cranberry sauce, and fresh vegetables’ and as dessert ‘Pumpkin pie’. 

The food was just delicious and with the big portions you just not could leave the table with a hunger taste. The extra friendliness of the waiters and the great live music made our evening perfect.

We also asked the menu to take a look what they had to offer us the next time: as an appetizer just try the Jumbo Combo with Chicken wings, Tupelo chicken tenders, onion rings, and spring rolls. If you still are hungry then choose between burgers, sandwiches, fish, and meat. And as dessert maybe a Hot Fudge Brownie. Believe me, I couldn’t wait to order… but I was already pleased with the Thanksgiving dinner.

But Thanksgiving is also giving. They supported ‘Sant Edigio’ with clothes brought by the customers.

It was my first Thanksgiving, and it will not be my last. Oh yes… next time I must visit the shop. I saw some beautiful clothes over there.

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